Addiction is treatable.
recovery is possible.

What is Buprenorphine or Suboxone

Buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv) is a very effective medication that combats cravings for opiates (heroin, pain pills such as oxycodone/percocet) and stops withdrawal symptoms (sweating, shaking, abdominal pain, diarrhea). It works by fooling your body into thinking that it has opiates in its system. You can function normally without urges or getting sick . Buprenorphine and its formations dramatically reduce the chances of relapsing back to old habits.

Suboxone, which is, Buprenorphine/Nalaxone has a blocker against other opioids. This means that if you have buprenorphine in your system you will not get high off of pain pills or heroin. This helps put an end to the relapse cycle.

Suboxone and Alliance Wellness Center

We use Suboxone and generic Suboxone-like medications. These medications are the combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. This treatment is approved by the FDA for the treatment of opiate addiction, and recommended by the American Academy of Addiction Medicine. This treatment is successful in relieving the cravings for opiates,eliminating withdrawal symptoms during treatment, and may help to block the euphoric effects (an addiction component of opiates) one may experience when using opiates.