Addiction is treatable.
recovery is possible.

About Us

Alliance Wellness Center is comprised of providers and staff that know what it means to work as a team and to provide help with dignity, respect and compassion. We are here to assist people in overcoming their dependence on painkillers, heroin and opiate-based medication.

We Take a Personalized Approach to Recovery

Every patient is different. Together, we’ll make a plan that works for you.

Personalized Providers

New patients will meet with the provider to set up a personalized plan. During this meeting, the person learns about treatment choices, expectations from treatment and agrees to a plan for counseling.

During the initial assessment process, the patient answers questions that will help the provider-led treatment team determine the best custom plan for the individual. All patient records are strictly confidential, therefore, it is highly recommended that the patient be completely honest so that the treatment plan is developed for long term success.

Personalized Monitoring

The first few weeks of treatment require regular patient monitoring to determine effectiveness of induction medication and to achieve a safe and adequate medication level that stabilizes the patient moving forward.

In order to get the proper medication level to help subside symptoms of cravings and withdrawal, the patient needs to be in withdrawal at the time of the induction appointment.

For this reason, it is recommended that the patient take a day off from work in order to go through the process of stabilization (recommended but not required).During the Induction phase, it is important for the patient to frequently meet with their counselor to increase motivation and stay committed to treatment, understand the goals of treatment and establish immediate goals to create change while realizing gains through recovery.

Personalized Commitment

A steady state of medication is achieved and maintained with continuous feedback from the patient on withdrawal symptoms. With a safe optimal level of medication, the patient is able to remain physically comfortable without experiencing the euphoria or sedation associated with painkillers or heroin, thereby remaining engaged in the full recovery program.

Patients are encouraged to meet with their counselor to address current situations, heal past issues and establish goals for further improvement in all areas of their lives. The maintenance phase helps patients continue to make strong progress with work, relationships, and social obligations while maintaining a steady state of well-being.

Our Providers

Ross Vogelgesang, MD

Ross has been practicing medicine locally for over 20 years. He specializes in Pain Management and Addiction Medicine. Ross is a graduate of the University of Texas. Did his internship in Internal Medicine at University of Tennessee Bowld Hospital and his residency at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine specializing in Anesthesiology. He is board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology with concentration in Pain Management.

His interests are many things, but spending time with his family is most important. He and his four boys like to ride horses, bicycle, go camping and spend time on the Puget Sound kayaking and boating .

Erin Henderson, ARNP

Erin has been in the medical field for 32 years. In 2019 AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) elected her Washington State Advocate of the Year for the work she has done towards improving provider and patient safety in prescribing opioids. Her career has spanned across neurosurgery, interventional pain management, medication pain management and more recently medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use disorder. Erin represented the Nursing Commission as a member of the Opioid Taskforce, writing the boilerplate rules for prescribing opioids in Washington State (ESHB 1427). Erin truly has a compassion for helping others.

Erin enjoys her horse, riding her motorcycle and camping. She loves spending time with her family hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a country girl raised and still lives in Yelm.

Galina Dixon, ARNP

Galina Dixon graduated in 1974 from Vladivostok Medical School in Russia. She practiced there as a physician for 14 years. She moved to the United State in 1998. Once here she attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey to get her masters degree in nursing to become an ARNP. She is fluent in Russian and has been working with acute and chronic care patients for over 25 years.

Galina enjoys the outdoors in any form. Biking and hiking in the rain or sun, boating on a summer day to quiet walks exploring the diverse culture that the area has to offer. She feels any day spent with her family is a great one.